Develop trust in your data.

DataPassports is a data-centric security and privacy solution that enforces privacy and security from end-to-end with transparent protection of data at the source. It enables organizations to classify and assign value to critical data, and then enforce security and privacy protections on that data appropriate for the value. DataPassports helps develop trust and confidence in data.

Take a data-centric approach to value.

The world of information is changing. Data is no longer a byproduct of doing business, it’s central to it, and it has immense value.

Our solutions help your organization assess your data’s value and develop a strategy to convert it from being a liability, to an asset. It’s called infonomics, and your data is the most important part.


Our comprehensive set of data-centric protection services seamlessly enforce privacy and security on data whether on premise, or in the cloud. Our solutions put you in control of your data and help simplify your business.

One of a kind features

  • End-to end management of data and privacy
    • throughout data lifecycle
    • across hybrid & multi-party environments
    • at scale
  • Security AND privacy
  • Fine-grained control that’s application agnostic
  • Centralized control of data protection
  • Securely share data with third parties
  • Limit risk while sharing data
  • Infonomics – The value of your data

Industry Applications

Our solution helps enterprises control their data anytime, anywhere, across all industries.






And more…

Data Passports is perfectly aligned with Canada’s Digital Privacy Act of 2015 & EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).